Our Core Values define the work we do and our company culture. From our hiring process, to our product design, to our customer interactions, we strive to make sure we are earning TRUST

When communicating with our customers, employees, and partners, we aim for Transparency.  No one likes feeling left in the dark, and we will make sure you aren’t.  When building our product, Reliability is top of mind.  We make sure our apps are stable before releasing them and we will always be there to answer your call if you need help.  Our design team ensures we are approaching everything with a Users-first mentality.  If we aren’t solving your problems, we aren’t doing our job.  We want everything to be built with Simplicity.  We don’t want you to need a user-manual to get your deals done.  None of this would be possible without Teamwork.  We strive to work collaboratively as a group and with our customers to bring you the best possible experience.

Our Team

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Kaushik Chakravarti

CEO & Co-Founder

Kaushik has over 15 years of experience in management, consultancy, venture capital, advising, and investing in a variety of industries including technology, financial services and healthcare. He earned his management consultancy stripes at KPMG and Accenture and subsequently worked at a venture capital fund focused on investing in British university spin-outs.

Kaushik enjoys finding obscure problems to solve and applying learnings from one industry to another. His background in mechanical engineering and sales smarts allow him to speak to all aspects of a well-run business.

Kaushik’s non-business interests include spending time with his wife and sons, hiking all over the front range, and climbing.



Aiyana Bahder

CRO & Co-Founder

Aiyana has a storied background in the finance industry, with a career spanning 18 years. Having spent time at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Accenture, and a variety of other investment banking and treasury services, she brings a wealth of knowledge from several different areas. Aiyana has served in the capacity of manager, consultant, investment banker, and advisor.

Aiyana enjoys modernizing financial and banking digital systems and applying quantitative techniques to solve subjective problems.

Based in Switzerland, she enjoys time with her husband and son, hiking, and windsurfing.


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Jaci Miller

Director of Sales & Business Development

Jaci Miller is responsible for ensuring that the very first interaction our customer has with us is in line with our Core Values. Her ultimate goal is to simplify and streamline the everyday life of everyone in the commercial finance space. Jaci’s passion for customer success has fostered long-lasting relationships with brokers, vendors, funders, and several associations, including the AACFB, NEFA, and NACLB.

With 9 years of experience in small, mid-market, and enterprise sales, business development, customer success, and support, Jaci has developed an affinity for thoroughly researching the field she’s selling into, which has included equipment finance, construction, banks, and several different types of software. She truly understands the needs of our customers and ensures we are exceeding expectations.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, staying fit, volunteering, dominating in Fantasy Football, reading and re-reading the newest edition of the CLFP book, and going for long walks on those Colorful Colorado beaches.


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CPO & Co-Founder

Timur Kunayev comes from 20 years of software development experience. His passion in solving complex problems by breaking them down into simple parts took him from software development to user experience design and product management.

Timur enjoys learning and researching new things to become an expert across a wide variety of fields which allows him to apply his knowledge to make products that improve people's everyday life in ways they maybe never imagined. His expertise is in the intersection of cutting-edge technology, complex human behavior, and how they affect each other.

Outside of work, Timur enjoys hanging out with his son and doing a wide range of activities together.


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Julie Miller

Customer Success Manager

Julie is responsible for developing and maintaining positive relationships with ConnectedFi's customers. It is her goal to ensure we are exceeding their expectations with our solutions and company as a whole. Julie is extremely passionate about finding new ways to better our customers' experience by using her exceptional problem-solving skills to fit the needs of every individual.

Outside of work, she loves to live an adventurous life by trying new things and participating in various athletic organizations. She currently trains in mixed martial arts, plays indoor and outdoor soccer, and intentionally goes to the gym every morning before work. While she's constantly on the go, she still loves to relax and spend time with her family, boyfriend, and friends.


Our Affiliates

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