Why You Should Look Into The Equipment Leasing Industry!

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Brokers tend to think the equipment leasing industry doesn’t have a lot of volume, but it is actually not far behind commercial real estate!  According to the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, the size of the equipment leasing industry reached $1 trillion dollars in 2017 and is only expected to continuously grow over the next three years.  

One equipment leasing broker can, on average, close SIX deals per month resulting in an average of $2,500 in commission per deal!  That means a broker can make nearly $15,000 a month which is an annual salary of $180,000.  The average annual salary for a commercial real estate broker is only $90,000 and that’s shooting high.

It has been proven that the equipment leasing industry is growing year over year.  The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation reported that in 2017, 48% of all acquired equipment was leased, compared to only 39% in 2015. That’s a 9% increase in only two years.  The types of equipment that are driving this industry are communication and software equipment. They make up $201 Billion of the leasing industry, 20% of the whole market! This alone shows how much opportunity is available for new brokers who choose to come work in the equipment leasing industry.

Even Linda Ketser, a leasing sales expert, said that supporting new leasing brokers attracts more lessees and gives the industry the potential to expand and grow exponentially.  What are you waiting for? Join the equipment leasing industry NOW!  For more information, contact Jaci Miller at (303) 960-2432.

Julie Miller