Are You Searching For The Right Funder?


The Funder Matrix

A very common struggle for brokers throughout the industry is finding the correct funder to fund a deal, so we decided we're going to work towards solving this problem. In this funder matrix, we have acquired nearly 200 different funders that work with brokers.  We are continuously working towards adding new funders and getting more data for all of our existing funder. 

Our goal is to know every funder's profile including whether or not they'll do startups, what kind of term lengths they offer, what credit they accept, deal size ranges, what locations they serve, what financial products are available, and all of the many different types of equipment or industries they serve.

What if you don’t see a funder you know of in our system?

Not a problem!  You can request to add or make any changes to your recommended funder.  You may be asking, “Why can’t we just add our funders ourselves?”  We want to verify that the funder and information you are requesting to add to our database is accurate and complete.  If we give everyone access to alter and add funder contacts to our system, then this puts us at risk for possibly providing our customers with false information.

How do you use our funder matrix?

When you're working on a deal, you can select a funder that best suits your borrower's needs.  You will have the ability to look up a funder by a specific name, the type of equipment or industry type, locations that a funder serves, credit that funder accepts, start-ups, etc.  For example, if you want to know which funders will fund cannabis, you can search "cannabis" and 30+ funders will come up in our database that specifically serve the cannabis industry.

The Funder Matrix is easily one of the biggest value adds for a broker using our system.  You can now find a funder for every deal instead of having to re-broker deals or make 20 phone calls to find someone.