ConnectedFi's Beta Launch Countdown Begins NOW!


Are You Looking for a Deal Relationship Management System?

ConnectedFi’s beta launch will be at the AACFB Conference in Dallas on September 7th - 8th.  Our team has been working diligently the past three months to design and build a cloud-based solution tailored to the equipment finance industry to help brokers and funders streamline the way they generate, manage, and close deals.

How Did We Do It?

We attended all of the annual conferences in the spring for AACFB, NEFA, and ELFA and met many brokers and funders.  We then wanted to understand the industry at a deeper level, so we all read the CLFP book and had many conversations with all different types of brokers, funders, borrowers, and vendors.  After developing many strong relationships, we wanted to learn more about their day-to-day process and pain points, so we flew all across the country observing the typical work day of multiple people throughout the equipment finance industry.

Our Beta Launch Includes:

  • Borrower Portal

    • Borrower Application (ability to be connected to website)

    • Borrowers can now securely upload their documents and check the status of their deal.

  • Funder Package

    • Brokers will now be viewed as the professionals they are with one clean view including their write-up and all of the supporting documents.

  • 200 Funders

    • Brokers have the ability to search for a funder by equipment or industry type, locations served, financial products, time in business, credit rating, terms offered, etc.

  • File Management

  • Contact Management

  • Messaging

  • Auto-generated Finance Approval / Term Sheet

  • Auto-generated Commission Invoice

What is Coming By End Of Year?

  • Team Permissions

  • Reminders / Task Management

  • Integration w/ CredCo CoreLogic (standard Credit Report fees apply)

  • Integration w/ DocuSign

What to Keep in Mind?

This is just the beta launch.  We will let all potential customers try our product for free until January 1st, 2019.  At that point, we feel confident that our solution will add so much value that our customers will happily pay a fair fee to continue using us.

Julie Miller