Deal Flow Management Software

Close deals faster with one end-to-end solution that can manage your entire deal from application to closing docs.


Mobile-Friendly Online Applications

Enable your applicants to complete your application by making it easy through a mobile-friendly application. You can have as many applications as you want for any financial product that you offer. All applications can be customized to have as many fields as you want.

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Custom Forms

Instead of sending debt schedules, financial statements, projections, etc. as attachments for your customer to download and complete, we will build all of these forms for you to be an online form, so you can send them to the customer to complete from their phone or computer.

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Credit Reports

We are integrated with CoreLogic CredCo, so you can do a soft or hard pull right from the system. With one click, a .pdf of the credit report is automatically stored against the deal and the credit scores appear.

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Borrower Portal

It’s never been easier for a customer to send you information securely. You can request any information or data you need and your customer can upload files from their computer or from their phone. When they click “Upload” from their phone, it will give them the option to just take a picture or upload from files. You no longer have to worry about receiving texts with pictures of driver’s licenses or documents with sensitive data and having to forward those to your email.

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