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Our Beginning

Our cloud-based deal flow management solution was built by speaking with all types of brokers and funders on a daily basis. Our team flew all over the country to shadow brokers to ensure our solution streamlines a broker's day-to-day process, meets all of their needs, and solves their problems.
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“My favorite thing about ConnectedFi is that you take our feedback seriously and push great updates every week.”

— Ben Looney, Growth Commercial Capital (Broker)


Use our suggested deal flow or don’t. You can customize the flow to fit your needs exactly. All fields and pages will be tailored to you and your business.

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Reduce the time you spend requesting information & the time it takes for them to send you information by…


Double the amount of relationships you have with your vendors by giving them their own portal and a co-branded mobile-friendly application.



“It amazes me how much time and attention you give to your customers. I love working with you.”

-David Craig, Lease Genie (broker)


Send a mobile-friendly, online application to your customers and request any other necessary information you need from them in order to get them funded. Any forms/templates you have will be implemented as forms that your customer can complete online.

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Our Core Values






When communicating with our customers, employees, and partners, we are always Transparent about our company and our product roadmap.  For all of our customers, we assign a Reliable Customer Success Manager to you to ensure you always have a go-to person.  We approach everything with a Users-first mentality.  If we aren’t solving your problems, we aren’t doing our job.  We pride ourselves on being able to build complex products, but making them feel Simple to use for our users. Finally, none of this would be possible without Teamwork.  We strive to work collaboratively as a group and with our customers to bring you the best possible experience.