Spend quality time with your customers.

Keep your deal data in one place. Leverage your CRM to provide the correct information upfront. Never lose a deal to the competition.

Shorten time to get a funder decision.

Send proposals to your partner funders in a format that is easy to process. Our standardised and universally accepted format slashes turnaround-time on funder decisions.

Look professional to both your customers and partner funders.

Farewell to embarrassing finger fudges. Your customers and partner funders always work from the data you want them to see.

Your clients, your data, your deals…under your control.

Broker submitted data is only shared with funders when allowed access. Your client data remains yours, always.

I used to spend 2 hours copying and pasting my data between 2 monitors. Now I can put a deal together within 5 min and not worry about making mistakes.


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